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Trying to Find her Story...

Well, this isn't the oddest situation I've been in lately, but I still don't really understand, Mun, was it...? 

So you've read my story, and now you want to play me in other stories? I think I understand the bit about having other stories - life can't just be one event really - but 'playing' me? I'm my own person, even when the Storian was writing down all that happened. I'm not about to let someone dictate what happens to me. I have got things to do, and people who I care about who I need to be there for - can you imagine leaving Tedros on his own for five minutes? Stupid boy will probably accidentally start a war. And Sophie... she'll forget she's meant to be a teacher and just not actually teach. You've read our story, Mun, you know we all need each other. Taking one of us out of that, it's not really the...

Wait, Auradon Prep? No, I've never heard of such a place. Kings and Queens electing a single King to rule them all? But... monarchy doesn't work like that. Trust me, Guinevere has been teaching me enough to understand that much. I don't... Chad Charming? But, no, wait. Cinderella didn't mention having a son, let alone one who was my age and at another school for 'fairy tales'. I know we didn't have the best time to sit and talk, but surely she would have mentioned if she had a child. ...They did what to their villains? And their children?! And they're surprised that they wanted revenge? Why is  'Good' always so short-sighted? I can only hope the School is fixing that...

Ever After High? Teaching them to follow someone else's story? Mun, you've got to be kidding me now. Come on, that's just cruel. Forcing people to repeat the same story over and over? How are they suppose to have their own stories if they've to live someone else's? There's no point to it. It sounds too ridiculous, and trust me, I've heard some weird things over the past few years. 

I'll say one thing for that last place, Sophie would adore their sense of style. 
[[Character is Agatha. Canon is The School for Good and Evil]]

[[Also available on Dear_Player]]


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